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As the legging trend continues to dominate the stores, the temptation to wear these soft, comfortable pants just about everywhere grows ever stronger. Of course, you can’t do that.[...]
The word “fun” isn’t usually associated with looking for a job. Even in the best of circumstances, being unemployed or underemployed can be scary and stressful. B[...]
Your career doesn’t need to be as unstable as the economy. It’s true…long-term security is not a pipe dream. At least not according to Carolyn Hughes, head of HR [...]
Not knowing anything about the potential employer can quickly eliminate your chances of winning an interview. Apart from everything else (which includes practicing interview questi[...]
eeking professional certification in a field or discipline can rarely ever be seen as a bad idea especially in today’s tough economic times. It’s a crucial step in career developme[...]
Job Search
It’s easy to get discouraged after working at a job search for a length of time with no apparent success. Job search success will come, but it never seems to come soon enough[...]